Wednesday, November 09, 2011

5 Year Anniversary Blog Giveaway

Hi Everyone,

Well Happy Anniversary to me as a blogger on the internet for the past 5 years. Well actually its past 5 years by a few weeks. I had put up a counter to remind myself and then didn't even look at it til today. So thats why I am a little late in making a big hoopla over this day! I didn't forget, I just didnt get here to do it.

I haven't been the greatest blogger, I will admit it.
Someone convinced me to do this, and it often has been a struggle. Sometimes I go for months before I make a new post. Yeah I am busy and sometimes I dont know what I want to say. Its not for lack of words or muse, just a sorting process of where I am headed at the time I write.

I am not sure if its an art blog or an advertising blog or a place to rant. Sometimes it is just silliness that gets me to write and then I wonder if you think I am crazy? I mean who reads these blogs anyway?

I would like to say it is about the networking of like minds but in all honesty I really didn't start the follow button until late last year so I cant even give an honest count of who reads this blog.

I do read other blogs and follow many but I probably don't comment as often as I should. Sometimes I will spend an afternoon hopping from blog to blog (usually when I am at work and bored) but then I am what I would call "over inspired" and have too many ideas floating around in my head.

My best blog experiences have been when I spend a half hour speed reading blogs. Then I don't get too much information and can sort through the best blogs. Or sometimes I will just pick one blog and go back reading an entire year from that person. That's often fun and for some of you it may finally explain why I commented on something you wrote 6 months ago.
Sometimes I will read through your blogs and then comment that I was just passing through and say hello. It doesn't mean that I don't have anything nice to say about a particular post but rather just letting you know I was there and had a delightful read.
I find comments get rather redundant and I just like to say I was there otherwise it would be so easy to copy and paste what someone else wrote, is it just me that thinks if I write something similar it just sounds like someone else? How many ways can you say that's lovely, fabulous, gorgeous and beautiful?

Sometimes I go back to a blog wondering why I bookmarked it, only to rediscover you all over again.
Sometimes I just lurk.
Some of you have your follow button right near the top as I do so it is easy to hit the follow button, and for others I just bookmark you in my favorites on my computer.

I am really behind again but I do like to sort blog links by content (I know slightly anal eh?) but when I want to find something or someone it really helps. I think there are about 600 blog links on my computer. (I know slightly weird eh?) I probably have about 5000 links in total in my favorites (Now that's downright scarey eh?) But I do have a very good memory and can usually figure out what I am looking for in good time.

I think I will work on a new method of blog commenting to stand out from the rest so that it really means something.
Ahh now I see a new list to keep track of..... descriptive blog commenting.......

A pause to reflect the above content....

Okay so I just went back to the top and read all of the crap I just wrote LOL...Wow that was a lot of "sometimes" used in the above content eh?

All this just to get to the blog give away? Hah oh well that is what we do to attempt to engage each other isnt it?

Okay so here is the box, you may recognize it from past giveaways, the only thing different is that it says 5 years on it. I like to recycle where I can.

This give away is for the purpose of networking, so I am looking for followers. It's pathetic, I only have 82 followers and I have been blogging for 5 years? I know as I said above I only added the follow button lately and so now I need to make up for lost time.

So in order to participate in this giveaway:
1. You must be a follower up above.
2. You also need to leave a comment
3. You must blog and link or post this giveaway on your own blog(see the little post link on the right hand at the top.
4 & 5. If you facebook or twitter please follow me (see links also on the right) I will also friend and follow you back.
6. Also tell me if you could recommend another person to win this giveaway instead of you, who would it be? Let them know so they can come here and comment too.
7. Tell me a funny Pet name you have heard or named one of your own pets.
8. Tell me your favorite food.
9. Your favorite Craft tool
10. Tell me one really weird thing about yourself
11. Ohhh and maybe you could wish me happy 5 years in your own delightful words. I mean gee isnt that the whole point?

Okay so the first 3 are mandatory for 3 entries into this draw, the others are to give you extra entries and of course irritate you and humor me. But hey?...that could be 11 entries for this draw. And I will add them up and post here on the blog.

This giveaway will go right to the end of the year Dec 31, 2011 And I will make the draw on New Years Day or very close to it. I will accept comments below on this post as well as all posts related to this giveaway. As I will be adding images and posts showing you what is going in the box.

So what is going in the box?
Altered Art Stuff
Junk, bits baubles, rusty things, vintage papers, thread, lace, maybe an old sock, ribbon, flowers, beads, clip art, puzzle pieces, collage sheets, half a sandwich, bingo cards, game pieces, half finished art creations, some art, fibres, cabinet cards, doilies, book covers, tags, die cuts, dryer lint in several colors, hand made books, wooden things, tickets, a few gum wrappers, postcards, stamps, milk bottle tabs, labels, rubber stamps, some craft tools that I don't use or like, stuff you wont like, stuff I dont like, like cutesy scrapbooking papers and other cutesy things, stuff that I dont even know what it is, and stuff I haven't got yet, tissue paper, napkins, Asian papers, hell money, monopoly money, no real money, wait...maybe a few old coins, trinkets, stained stuff, antique bits, new stuff(I do buy the odd thing) jewelry parts, body parts, (no not real ones),
and maybe if you are really nice, the other sock but it wont match anyway.

So if you are not into altered art junk boxes then don't comment.

But if you are into altered art, then you know this Box is going to be a salivating treasure trove of infectious muse processing that will leave you quivering like a bowl of jello and sobbing in shear delight over the endless possibilities all the while moaning like the cat that just ate the biggest canary ever (or turkey) because you havent got the slightest clue where to begin?

Yep that's what in this box.....(and that phrase is going in my new list of phrases and comments)

Have a great day, stay tuned for some more image snippets and hints of this blog giveaway,

Kim aka imagesbykim


  1. Hi Kim!
    congratulations on 5 years!!
    you don't have to post anymore than you feel like.
    i started out posting my art..over time i started sharing other things that were important to me.
    i think our blogs change as we become more comfortable with least,it did for me!
    i don't always get a chance to leave a comment..some days are busier than others.
    i like your blog the way irt's nice to "know" more about someone.
    i do follow you!! i would recommend any of the wonderful people who follow me..except for Phivos because he has a travel blog(which you really must visit) and doesn't create art that I know of..except for his wonderful photos...and a few others who have photography and travel blogs..and some who don't do altered art..but,hey..with great goodies that you are giving away..anyone would want to start altered art!!!favorite food..blood rare prime rib(i want that meat to moo when i cut it!!).craft tool?...scissors,images,glue!!!(gotta have all three!!)..our cat Lee Harvey,because our dog,Oswald,"gave birth
    ' to him..the mommy kitty delivered her kittens but didn't open the saks and lick them to stimulate them to breathe..our dog laid by her and did that to all her kittens..all 4 lived and are healthy!! sense of humor!
    i'll tweet and post !!!
    goodness..i'm not sure if i answered everything!!
    i wish for you another wonderful 5 years of blogging..where you share your wonderful art,thoughts,interests and just stuff!!ENJOY the's supposed to be fun,not a chore! blog when you feel like it and blog whatever interests you!!
    i've enjoyed every visit i've made!!!

  2. hey..i got your blogaversary button on my sidebar!! this is a major woo-hoo for me!! it doesn't always happen!

  3. Happy Blogaversary Kim! I'm not entering your giveaway, just wanted to stop in and congratulate you on 5 years of blogging. Have a great day.


  4. congratulations and happy 5 year blog anniversary! i would be thrilled to win your box of goodies. i am already a follower (so i can't increase your follower count)and i have placed your giveaway on my sidebar.

    i too follow a lot of blogs. i wish i had the time to visit them all regularly. but i do try to leave a comment because i appreciate even a one word comment left on my blog, even if it is the same comment from different people (at least i know someone dropped by).

    if not for the link parties i join, i think i too would sometimes go for long periods without blogging. but with my wednesday link party with a photo of my desk, i do get to blog regularly.

    i have recommended my sister Patsy to visit your site.
    happy anniversary!
    thanks for the chance to win your giveaway!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  5. Hi Kim,
    Nice to meet you!
    Peggy, my sister, told me about your blog and giveaway.
    1. I'm following you now. You amuse me!
    2.Here's my comment.
    3. I put your giveaway on my sidebar.
    4 and 5.I'm following you on twitter and retweeted your giveaway. Added you on facebook.
    6. I'm going to recommend my niece from The Weekend Artist.
    7. We named our dog Iggy short for Igorot, because we bought him in Baguio, home of the Igorots, a mountain tribe.
    8. My favorite food is seafood pasta.
    9. My favorite tool is my hands! I'm not really into tools- I use scissors and glue and paint most of the time!
    10. I wake up at 1 am and listen to the Rosary to try and fall asleep.
    11. Happy Blogaversary!

    Can you tell I think your candy is soooo exciting! I would have jumped up and down if you asked!
    Patsy from

  6. Hi Kim--I, too, don't post for long periods of time sometimes--just get too busy, and I always spend too much time looking at and reading other people's blogs! Congrats on 5 years--I am already a follower, and I will post your generous giveaway on my blog's sidebar! Thanks for a chance, and don't give up on blogging!

  7. Hi Kim,
    1. I am already a follower
    2. My comment, love this giveaway.
    3. Your button is posted on my
    4 @ 5. Friended you on Facebook,
    don't use Twitter
    6. Would love for my Sister to win.
    7. Our dog Cricket, she jump just
    like one.
    8. Pork & beans
    9. Sewing machine
    10. Stick my tongue our when doing
    something difficult or tedious
    11. Happy Happy 5th Anniversary.

    This really fun. Thanks
    Hugs, Jackie

  8. You are a hoot Eh girly?

  9. five years??? That's longer than a recent star's marriage!!! I'm with yu on blogging. Do it when the spirit moves you...otherwise---it's just another task to get

  10. 1) I am already a follower so no new blood there

    2) does this count as my comment?

    3) I have put a link to the post on my Blog - Artyfax

    4/5) I have retweeted your message and liked and commented on your facebook post- confusingly you have a different handle on these sites but of course I managed to find you

    6) this is difficult but I will tweet and post on facebook to see if any followers take a bite

    7)we used to call MIL's dog Zoony after a small crittur on a sci fi TV puppet program

    8) my fave food is beef stew

    9) A pair of scissors, LOL ( or perhaps my PC and printer)

    10) wow that's difficult, I don't think I am weird - or maybe its that i am collecting a pile of metal rubbish in the backgarden to use in assemblages one of these days. Lots of little bits from my garage and toolbox, a ceiling fan, kitchen implements ( thrown out of course), a VHS player, a CD player ( neither work any longer). And this is copmplemented by a second collection of rubbish in my , ahem, studio.

    11) Finally 5 years is a long time in space ( cyberspace that is) congratulations on staying the course even if you feel that you could or should have done more. It is a big task keeping a blog and posting regularly ( don't i know it?) so very hearty congratulations are very much in order. And here'e hoping that you are around for many more, I for one have derived great pleasure from meeting you on the web.

  11. 1. Done. 2. Done.
    3. Done. 4 & 5. Done. 6. Done. 7. My stepsister has a Golden named Cricky. 8. Tell me your favorite food-sugar :)
    9. Your favorite Craft tool-small scissors with sharp points, preferrably little Fiskars scissors...the more pairs, the better.
    10. Hmmmm...Oreo cookies give me migraines.
    11. In my own delightful words, I think YOU are simply delightful and I'm so glad I found your internet creative space. You inspire me to no end with all you do and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

  12. Wow! Congrats on 5 years Kim! I'm a follower and have posted the
    giveaway on my own blog.
    Would love to win the giveaway - it sounds like that box will be full of inspiration and treasures :)

  13. I'm following you on Facebook!

  14. I'm also following you on Twitter! I'm @CreativArtitude :)

  15. Hi Kim, This is Shirley and I am not sure if this is where I was suppose to contact you with finishing grade 5 but here it goes.8019 butterflies 8029 tags grunge painted - 8236 vintage advertisement - 8022 flower plates - 8062 cassies got the blues. Thank you that was a very nice suprise!

  16. Hi Kim,
    Just popped in to say Congrats on 5 years in the blog-o-sphere. You know you inspire me big time. Soon I will have a buzzing Website and it'll have more connections to your Sites than my own LOL LOL LOL. I'm sher!

  17. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Just stopping by for Grade 5 assignment. Oh heck, who am I kidding I was nosey and wanted to see your personal blog :D I joined and everything and late happy 5th year blogging!

  18. Awww!! Looks like I missed out on a wonderful prize. I am following you so, I don't miss out again!! I make charity cards and that stuff would've been great for making them with and the more I get and the less I have to spend the better for me since I don't make any money from my cards. I know I would've had a field day with what you put in that box!!! I guess I'll link you and try and figure out how to get the free collage sheets, but I know my printer isn't as good as a laser one! And congrats to the winner!


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